Yes it does. There are many beneficial medications that aren’t covered by the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme (PBS), and we provide benefits towards those costs. 

With extras cover, you can claim for prescribed medicines1 not featured on the PBS and receive 85% of the cost above the PBS limit (currently up to $41.00 for most PBS medicines or $6.40 if you have a concession card2). The maximum annual claimable amount for non-PBS pharmaceuticals is $600 for Total Extras, $300 for Essential Extras and $150 for Basic Extras.

Under Total Extras and Essential Extras, the annual limit for pharmaceuticals is combined with benefits for immunisations and tests such as ThinPrep and mammograms.

It is important to note that pharmaceuticals used as part of your hospital stay cannot be claimed under your Extras cover. However, these will generally be incorporated into your Hospital cover. 

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1 Prescribed by doctors, dentists, optometrists, midwives and nurse practitioners who are approved to prescribe PBS medicines under the National Health Act 1953, Prescribing Medicines – Information for PBS Prescribers,

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