Total Extras

Premium Cover with better benefits

Cover Highlights

  • Comprehensive extras cover with high limits
  • For those who need general and major dental cover
  • 100% cover on eleven frequently used dental check up items
  • Great optical cover at $500 in any two year period
  • Strong non-PBS pharmaceutical cover

A wide range of therapies are covered with high benefits

Waiting periods

  • 12 months for major dental services, aids and appliances
  • 24 months for hearing aids
  • 2 months for all other services

Limits per person per calendar year, except where otherwise indicated

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Benefits Paid

General dental services No annual limits

100% of the cost of check-ups, fissure sealings and bitewing x-rays where the fees are within the range of usual, customary and reasonable charges. Fixed benefits paid for all other items.

Check-ups (limited to an examination, fluoride and a scale and clean)

Examination items 011 to 017

Scale & Clean items 111, 114 and 115

Fluoride treatment item 121

Major dental services

Major Dental restorative $1,000 Fixed benefits paid per item
Endodontic/periodontic $1,000
Crowns & bridges $1,200
Dentures and prosthodontics $1,000
Orthodontics Up to $600 per year of membership with a lifetime limit of $3,000

Optical category limit

$500 limit over any 2 consecutive calendar years. Claims made in the current and prior year cannot exceed $500. No sub-limits apply. Use the full $500 for frames, lenses or contact lenses. Your choice.


Included in $500 optical limit


Non-PBS pharmaceuticals, mammograms, ThinPrep tests, bone density tests


Tests, one each per year

After the current PBS cost, benefits paid are 85% of the remaining cost of a non-PBS script. $60 per test.
One hearing aid One set of hearing aids every 5 calendar years $800
Two hearing aids $1600
Hearing aid repairs   $50
Audiology test One visit per year $60
Physiotherapy and remedial massage with specifically qualified practitioners $700  


  • Physiotherapy
  • group therapy
  • hydro therapy
  • Myotherapy and Remedial Massage


  • $50 per visit
  • $20 per visit
  • $20 per visit
  • $35 per visit
Mental health services $600 $100 per visit

Occupational therapy, Speech therapy



calendar year sublimits per therapy type of $600

$45 per visit

Orthoptics, Podiatry, Dietetics $40 per visit
Pregnancy care $35 per visit
Home nursing $600 $30 per visit of up to 6 hrs $60 per visit exceeding 6 hrs
Aids & appliances $1,000

75% of the cost of the item where use was ordered by a registered practitioner

For Fund approved consumable items, benefit paid twice per calendar year. For Fund approved non-consumable items benefits paid 2 years after the first supply.

Health management programs recommended by your doctor to treat a specific health condition $200 per person with an overall of $400 for family policies

50% of the cost

The current treatments recognised as Health Management Programs cover services (not goods) and are:

  • Exercise physiology
  • Quit Smoking
  • Acupuncture
  • Weight loss classes
  • Exercise classes conducted at a gym or by a personal trainer
  • Class physiotherapy

For more information, click here.

Limits per person per calendar year, except where otherwise indicated

Remedial massage cover

For benefits to be paid, the remedial massage service provider must be either a registered physiotherapist, or have accreditation in remedial massage therapy. They must belong to an organisation that adheres to the Department of Health's governed systems for registration and recognition of remedial therapists.

The Doctors' Health Fund now recognises more remedial massage therapists, as we have added to our list of complying organisations, which include, but are not limited to :

ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

AMT (Association of Massage Therapists)

AAMT (Australian Association of Massage Therapists)

ANTA ( Australian Naturopathic Practitioners' Association)

IRMA (Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia

ARM (Association of Remedial Masseurs) 

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