Switching Funds

Switching is easy


Exercise your right to choose a change of health insurer. The ‘portability’ provisions in the Private Health Insurance Act mean important elements of your cover transfer from your old policy and insurer to your new policy and insurer.

Waiting periods

  • waiting periods served transfer with you
  • the balance of any waiting period yet to be completed transfers with you
  • only what wasn’t covered under the old policy, or was covered to a lesser extent, can have a waiting period applied

How waiting periods are applied when transferring

For waiting periods applied to something which wasn’t covered under the previous policy, the newly covered items won’t be eligible to be covered until the waiting period has been completed.

For waiting periods applied to something which was covered to a lesser extent under the previous policy, these items will be covered at the level of benefit under the previous policy until the waiting period has been completed.

An example; the waiting periods stated in the new policy would be applied when a transfer was done from a hospital policy with an excess of $500 to a hospital policy with no excess. The waiting periods would be applied only to the excess payments as follows:

The $500 excess would continue to be paid for any hospital admission for

  • a pregnancy during the 12 month waiting period
  • a pre-existing condition during the 12 month waiting period, the pre-existing condition being one that was or could reasonably have been diagnosed in the six months prior to the transfer to the new policy
  • any other conditions, and psychiatric, rehabilitation, or palliative treatment during the 2 month waiting period
  • no waiting periods are served for treatment for accidents

Cumulated benefits

Some carry over, some don’t. Benefits which increase due to length of membership, such as orthodontic benefits, will generally carry over. Some items which won’t transfer are loyalty benefits.

As so many policy differences exist, particularly for extras benefits, please talk to our customer service team on 1800 226 126 about any cumulating benefit transfers you are concerned about.

Lifetime Health Cover

Your Lifetime Health Cover status transfers with you too, so there are no extra costs due to this government program.

Transfer certificates

These certificates are the mechanism for passing information between your previous health fund and your new health fund. The fund you leave must provide you with a transfer certificate within 14 days. It provides confirmation of your transfer entitlements for your new fund. The certificate includes information about

  • the waiting periods you have served,
  • the insurance product or level of cover you have been on,
  • your Lifetime Health Cover status, and
  • your extras claims so far for the year, only the remaining amount of your limits transfer

You can join The Doctors' Health Fund, complete the transfer section in the application form and we will notify your previous fund, then when you receive the transfer certificate send a copy to us.