Who can join?

Details of eligibility for Membership of Doctors' Health Fund

To be eligible to be a member of Doctors' Health Fund you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and be or have been:

  1. A registered Medical Practitioner*;
  2. A registered Health Practitioner** in one of the following categories:
  3. A person studying to become a practitioner in the first 2 points above, at an Australian educational institution;
  4. An overseas qualified doctor who is registered for the AMC exams;
  5. An employee of a Medical Practitioner or a Health Practitioner or an officer or employee of an incorporated practice of a Medical Practitioner or a Health Practitioner ;
  6. Employed in any role by a federal or state Australian Medical Association (AMA), or an associated or subsidiary organisation of an AMA;
  7. Employed in any role by an association whose members are medical practitioners or health practitioners;
  8. An officer or employee (including contractors) of Avant Insurance Limited (ABN 82 003 707 471) or Avant Law Pty Limited (ACN 136 429 153);
  9. A family member of someone who qualifies in any of the above. Family members include:
    • Spouse or partner*;
    • Dependant children;
    • Adult children (including spouse or partner*);
    • Parents;
    • Siblings (including spouse or partner*);
    • Nieces and nephews;
    • Grandchildren

      * includes former spouse or former partner

Once you have been a member of the Fund you retain the right to remain a member, even if you change employment or cease to fulfill the criteria above.

Are you from overseas?

If you are living in Australia on a visa please click here for more information

Please contact us on 1800 226 126 if you would like help in determining your eligibility.


*Medical Practitioner means a person who is, or was at any time, registered or licensed as a medical practitioner under a law of a State or Territory that provides for the registration or licensing of medical practitioners.

**Health Practitioner means a person who is, or was at any time, in one of the above categories of health practitioner, as listed in the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009 (Qld) (whether or not registered or practising in Queensland or any other Australian State or Territory).

***Medical radiation means a person working as a medical radiation practitioner, diagnostic radiographer, medical imaging technologist, radiographer, nuclear medicine scientist, nuclear medicine technologist or radiation therapist.

****Dental means a person working as a dentist, dental therapist, dental hygienist, dental prosthetist or oral health therapist.