Tax Statement Information

Your Private Health Insurance Statement is available in Online Member Services

You can login here and then just navigate to 'Your Tax Statements' using Quick Links. One statement is available for each adult insured under the policy.


Some useful information about your Private Health Insurance Statement

Your annual Private Health Insurance Statement is provided according to specifications set out by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). In order to help members understand how to read and use their statement for the purposes of completing their tax return, the ATO has put together a handy instructional page on their website.

You can access the ATO page here.

If you have two adult insureds on your policy, each adult will receive a statement with the premiums split between them depending on the duration of the year they were covererd by the policy. The other adult insured on the policy will appear in the right hand column of the table on your statement under "Other adult beneficiaries for the policy".

The statement this year reflects the changes made by the Government in calculating the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance. This means a change to the benefit codes displayed on the statement. We have outlined these for you below. Essentially, a different code is used for premium amounts depending on whether the premium was received before or after 1 April during the financial year. This is because the Government now indexes the rebate on 1 April each year and therefore a different rebate percentage may be applicable to payments received before and after 1 April.

Benefit codes used on this year's statement