Our new website is up and running

Reasons for the revamp

We know that the health system and private health insurance is a complex environment. And our focus was to help you navigate that environment by making it easy to find the information you need, when you most need it. We believe technology is a great enabler for facilitating this and have devoted time and energy to ensuring that our new website incorporates digital best-practices to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Areas of focus

Some of the key focus points for transformation were:

  • Making it easier to claim
  • Ensuring easy access to membership information
  • Providing clear guidance on what you’re covered for
  • Offering tools for quickly complete transactions you perform most frequently
  • Enhancing cross-device responsiveness to give you the same experience on a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer

Enriched content

We’ve also enhanced the quality of the information offered through the introduction of two new sections:

  • Help Centre - where you can find answers to all your common questions.
  • Going to Hospital - a helpful guide that will tell you what you need to do during the nerve-wracking process of going to a hospital

There are other impactful changes as well, all to make your experience of the site that much better:

  • An ‘Inbox’ in the member area to give you easy access to all the important information we send you.
  • A new and secure way to submit claims from the member area. It’s as easy as uploading the files or photos you have for your claim, agreeing to the declarations and hitting ‘Send’. It’s almost as easy as using our app.

We will continue to update and evolve our website to best meet your needs and encourage you to make www.doctorshealthfund.com.au your first stop when you need information, on the fund or your cover.