Did you know, your hospital policy* covers services that may be provided at home? 

These may be provided in two ways:

  • by the hospital under the contract we have negotiated, as part of a hospital admission, or 
  • by a specialist provider that we have contracted.

Such services, also known as hospital substitute, may be available in your circumstances and are provided at no additional cost to you. A variety of services are available at home, including rehabilitation, wound management, psychology and palliative care. You should consult your treating doctor to see what might be available and appropriate in your circumstances.

The specialist hospital substitute providers we have contracted with are: 

Services may be provided by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other registered clinicians.

Home services covered with Extras
With Total Extras, you are eligible for home nursing services up to $600 per person, per year as detailed below:

  • $30 per visit of up to six hours
  • $60 per visit exceeding six hours

If you have any questions, please contact our expert Member Service Team on 1800 226 126 (between 8:30am and 6:00pm AEST, Monday to Friday).

*Under Smart Starter, this is limited to delivery as a private patient in a public hospital in a shared room for rehabilitation services following cardiothoracic, psychiatric, hip and knee replacement and revisions.