Our Extras cover options pay a generous 75% of the cost of Fund-approved aids and appliances up to the annual limit on your Extras product.

With Extras cover you can claim for appliances such as orthotics, blood glucose monitors and CPAP machines. There is no fixed list of the aids and appliances we cover. The key requirement is that the use of the aid or appliance must be ordered by a registered health professional to treat a diagnosed medical condition and approved by us. 

An eligible claim will require a referral letter from your doctor or specialist explaining the medical need for your aid or appliance. It should be provided on their letterhead with the practitioner’s provider number along with details on the provider or manufacturer of the item.

How often can I claim? 
Aids and appliances are broadly separated into ‘consumable’ and ‘non-consumable’ items. Benefits for Fund-approved consumable items are paid twice per calendar year while benefits for Fund-approved non-consumable items are paid once every two years. 

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