We have introduced some improvements to our mobile app. These updates will enhance your claiming experience so make sure you update your Doctors’ Health Fund app to access the following new functions:

  • We have removed the refresh button from the top of the page. You can now refresh the app by simply pulling down on the screen.
  • A claims progress screen will now appear at the end of the claim submission to let you know when you have successfully uploaded your images and documents.

Our member’s privacy is of utmost importance to us and a key focus has been on how we can better protect the security of your claims data. The below updates have been implemented to improve data security:

  • New security authentication options - You can now secure the app using a custom pin, fingerprint reader or FaceID (depending on your device).
  • Notifications will be disabled once you’ve logged out of the app.
app updates

Claim better

To avoid any delays receiving an outcome on your claim, here are some simple tips to ensure you have a smooth and positive claiming experience claiming on the app:

  1. All claims/invoices must contain the key information required for claiming. When taking a photo of your invoice, please ensure the entire document is in the frame with relevant item numbers, patient name, provider number, costs and date of service legible.
  2. When uploading an image to the app, always wait for the progress screen to show as completed before closing the app. Logging out of the app before this step has completed will stop the upload, and we will not receive your images.
  3. Due to the latest security update on your app (mentioned above), there will be no notifications when you log out of the app. To receive updates on your claim, you will need to refresh the page by pulling down on your screen.
  4. In order to upload images from your photos, you will need to give permission for the app to access your photos. This does not provide us with access to your photos; we will only see the images of the invoices after you have completed uploading it.

Don’t have the Doctors’ Health Fund app yet? You can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.