Have you heard of “restricted” health funds? They could save you money and get you better quality cover. Find out if and how you could benefit.  

According to a Choice Magazine article (15/08/2018) “many people might not even be aware that they qualify for one or more restricted membership health funds. These smaller funds provide products that often compare favourably to the big open funds in cost, level of cover, or both.”

Doctors’ Health Fund was created specifically to serve the need of the medical community and their families. But even if you’re not a doctor you may be eligible to join. And once you’ve been a member, you can remain a member even if your job or relationship status changes.



Because we’re part of a mutual group, we put the needs of our members first. Which is why we’ve had below industry average premium increases for the past seven years. And our hospital and extras cover offer generous benefits and great value. And you have complete choice of your provider.

Our Top Hospital Cover is unique because it pays up to the AMA list of medical services and fees. Prime Choice hospital is premium “gold” cover, with competitive premiums. Our Essentials Extras covers you for general dental services up to $1,600 per year per person.*

Worried about the medical gap?
See how we compare with the big funds.
Take the example of a knee surgery, as outlined in a recent CHOICE article.

The average gap cost payment for knee surgery Australia-wide is $1,885.

But it ranges from $2,600 in the ACT, to $397 in South Australia, and it varies widely by private insurer too. Take a look at the chart below.  It's evident that Doctors’ Health Fund pays more of the gap than the big funds.

knee gap example

You can see it pays to do your research.

You won’t believe what our members say about us

(Doctors' Health Fund Member Satisfaction Survey 2018)

"After another major medical illness in the family this year, we truly appreciate the coverage and benefits of being with a health fund that really understands the medical community and what and when patients need in a time of crisis, to properly get better. This is in conjunction with the emphasis on preventative health - an example being the generous benefits for dental check ups."

"I had a major operation for the first time in my life. The fund was so efficient ... I was simply able to forget about the financial side of the process."

"Each time I have contacted Doctors’ Health Fund the staff have been courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. I am also very happy with the benefits paid and the ease of using the claim app."

"Having my twice yearly dental check ups completely covered by my health insurance is great."

"The claim process is second to none. So quick, so simple. Well done."

"I'm new to Doctors Health Fund and have been impressed with the competitive price and services to match."

"Greater satisfaction than the fund I was with for 30 years."

"Personalised service, good level of cover, cheaper than my previous provider for better cover."

"I think Doctors’ Health Fund gives you peace of mind and a better alternative to the larger funds in terms of premiums and benefits."

"This is what health funds should be. Have already recommended my family and eligible patients to your health fund."

* (Check-ups are limited to an examination, fluoride, scale and clean where the fees are within the range of usual, customary and reasonable charges.)