We got together with Dr Ken Sleeman to ask him a few questions about his experience with Doctors’ Health Fund. As a long-standing member for over 20 years, he shared with us his views on why he continues to be a member, his experience with the claims process, and why his wife, five children and 16 grandchildren are all covered with Doctors’ Health Fund.

As an Anaesthetist for over 50 years and the former president of the Australian Medical Association Victoria, Dr Sleeman is passionate about the medical community. As a member of Doctors’ Health Fund, he places value in having complete choice of doctor and allied healthcare provider, whilst ensuring that the doctor who is treating him is being reasonably remunerated for the talent and service that they provide.

He tells us about complications he experienced following a surgical procedure 4 years ago, and how Doctors’ Health Fund was there to give himself and his wife, Sandy, some peace of mind during an already stressful time.