There are times when you may need additional health support, either after a medical procedure or to treat a specific medical condition. We provide the support you need through our Health Management Program which is available with our Total Extras policy.

When your doctor recommends a Health Management Program to treat a specific health condition; we support it by providing a 50% benefit towards the recommended program, up to $200 for single policies and $200 per person for couples/family policies with a maximum of $400 per annum.

What’s covered in our Health Management Program?

The treatments that are covered by the program are:

  • Exercise physiology
  • Quitting smoking
  • Acupuncture
  • Weight loss classes
  • Exercise classes conducted at a gym or by a personal trainer
  • Class physiotherapy

Who can deliver a Health Management Program?

Treatment must be delivered by a trained professional currently registered with a national association. Exercise physiologists and Royal Australian College of General Practitioner acupuncturists must have a current Medicare provider number for us to provide a benefit.

What qualifies as a specific medical condition?

A condition that has been diagnosed by your usual medical practitioner, who is not a family member, qualifies as a specific medical condition. This includes asthma, arthritis, unhealthy BMI, high blood pressure and musculoskeletal disorders. The treatment being claimed must be intended to treat or improve any of these conditions.

For more information on our Health Management Program click here.