We have agreements with a range of hospital in the home providers to cover you for hospital level care at home or in a community-based setting.

Now more than ever, alternate options for healthcare, such as hospital substitute services, play an important role in treating patients who are especially vulnerable and fall into high-risk categories, and who’s care must continue despite the complexities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These services allow medical and health services to be delivered safely, in the comfort of a patient’s home or setting other than a hospital, which could pose a significant risk to the patient’s health.

The benefits of hospital substitute programs more broadly have been well-documented; with the potential for reduced hospital stays and increased convenience for patients allowing for quicker recovery time, compared to that in a clinical hospital setting.  

Although care is not provided in a traditional clinical hospital setting, the patient is still considered a hospital inpatient receiving acute care and remains under the care of a hospital doctor. Care continues to be provided by nurses, doctors and/or allied health professionals.

Rehab at home









A variety of services are available, in mental health care, rehabilitation, chemotherapy and infusion services, wound management, joint replacements, and more, at no additional cost under your hospital policy*. You should consult your treating doctor to see what might be available and appropriate for your required care.

Some of these providers we cover are listed below.


Chemo@home provides at home services for cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatment, and treatment for medical conditions requiring immunotherapies such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Arthritic conditions. They provide services nationally across Australia and are committed to developing strong working relationships with treating specialists.

TMS Clinics Australia (TMSCA)

TMSCA are a leading provider of TMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) treatment. TMS is an effective, non-invasive way to treat depression and other psychiatric disorders, and TMSCA services allow patients to receive TMS treatment without being admitted to hospital**. TMSCA have the largest network in Australia, with 15 TMS clinics across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria (with new locations opening in the near future), and treatment can be arranged to fit in with a patient’s schedule and lifestyle. Patients can speak to their psychiatrist about whether or not this delivery of TMS treatment is appropriate for them and have the psychiatrist send a referral to TMS Clinics Australia.

360 Knee Systems

360 Knee is a hospital substitute program for knee replacement surgery and rehabilitation, and is available across all states and territories. 360 Knee offers a program that takes patients through prehabilitation, surgical planning, surgical delivery, post-operative rehabilitation, and rehabilitation monitoring. Rehabilitation for surgery occurs at home, allowing patients to return home from hospital sooner. 

Remedy at Home

Remedy at Home provide national rehabilitation and acute hospital care at a patient’s home. Their rehabilitation services are suitable for patients with various surgical and medical conditions, including total hip and knee replacements, lower limb orthopaedic conditions, and a range of non- orthopaedic conditions (cardiac, neurological, respiratory and general medical). Acute care options include IV antibiotics (complex and non-complex), wound management including Negative Pressure Therapy (VAC) and other acute conditions that would otherwise require treatment in an admitted hospital setting.

Home Support Services (HSS)

HSS offer at home rehabilitation services for patients undergoing knee or hip replacement surgery. This means rehab services such physiotherapy and nursing or other allied health services are provided in the home of the patient, rather than in an admitted hospital setting. All care is tailored around the advice of the patient’s surgeon, and is adapted to best suit the patient’s needs.

More information

It is up to your treating practitioner/s and clinical team to determine if hospital in the home services are a suitable option for your health needs and recovery. Our Member Services Team are available to provide more assistance, and to help you to get in contact directly with any provider we have an agreement with.

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*Exclusions and restrictions may apply if you are covered by our Smart Starter Bronze Plus hospital policy. If you are on this level of hospital cover and are interested in a hospital in the home program, please contact our expert Member Services team to discuss your situation further. Standard conditions around waiting periods and pre-existing conditions apply for all levels of cover.
As hospital in the home services are classified as an inpatient admission, an excess will apply if outstanding for your policy. Claims for hospital in the home services are submitted to the fund directly for processing.

**This program is aimed at those who have experienced overnight admissions to hospital for psychiatric services and support and may benefit from increased clinical support to remain at home.