When you’re a medical professional, it’s easy to put yourself second. But when it comes to looking after your patients, your practice and your family, it pays to make your own health a priority.

We have a range of hospital covers to meet your needs and your budget, from Smart Starter Bronze Plus, for young singles and couples, to unique Top Cover Gold, which pays up to the AMA list of medical services and fees.

One of our most popular hospital covers is Prime Choice Gold. It’s gold standard hospital cover at a silver plated price. Match it with Essential Extras for generous optical and dental benefits and complete choice of your allied health services provider. Then you’ll have the reassurance of being prepared for the unexpected and the expected.

Life’s a juggle, so our Member Services Team is here to answer your questions, help you choose the cover that’s right for you, and manage your claims
efficiently and courteously. Their promise is to answer your calls in under 30 seconds.

Don't settle for an ordinary health fund, join the one where medical professionals belong.