As the end of the year approaches, it’s an excellent time to review your current benefits and check to see if you have made the most of your extras benefits as limits reset on many of these benefits on 1 January 2020. Here are some tips to help you take better advantage of your extras, and some reminders about what you can claim

Members with Essential Extras are entitled to 100% cover for two general dental check-ups per year (limited to an examination, fluoride, scale and clean), while members with Total Extras have unlimited dental check-ups. If you haven’t done so already, it’s a great time to book-in your second visit for the year.

Preventative Health
Did you know that you can claim preventative health tests such as mammograms, thin prep and bone density tests on Essential Extras and Total Extras? It is recommended that women between 45 and 55 years old have mammograms once a year. Each person can claim for each test once per year and treatments must be conducted privately to be eligible and cannot be claimable via Medicare.

We pay 100% of the cost of prescribed optical appliances such as prescription frames and lenses and contact lenses. Extra’s limits range from $300, $500 and $600 every two years depending on the level of cover. It’s a good idea to visit your online member portal to check whether your limits will reset soon and don’t forget we offer excellent discounts available with optical retailers as part of our member benefits. Visit to start saving.

extras benefits

Non-PBS prescription pharmaceuticals (including vaccinations) can be claimed on all our Extras covers. Non-PBS means they have not been subsidised by the government and are more than the PBS amount of $41.00 per item. You will receive 85% of the cost above the PBS amount up to your annual limit.

Aids and appliances
With all our extras covers our members can claim 75% of the cost of medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, compressions stockings, orthotics and CPAP machines for sleep apnoea. The devices must be used to treat a medical condition and are prescribed by your doctor.  Different levels of cover will have different annual limits.

Pregnancy care
Outside of your inpatient hospital pregnancy and birth-related needs, our Essential Extras and Total Extras cover offer benefits on lactation classes, pelvic floor treatments, and parenting classes. These need to be conducted by a midwife, nurse or a physiotherapist to be eligible.

Mental health
You can receive a rebate of $100 per visit with psychologists or counsellors who are registered with an Australian association. Please note, if you have a mental health plan in place, benefits can only be claimed through Medicare. Any service outside of your mental health plan may be claimed.

Depending on your level of cover, members can claim from $30 to $40 per visit for consultations with a registered dietician who can assist with a nutrition plan based on medical conditions and medical needs.

Health Management Program
Members with Total Extras can access our Health Management Plan, which includes weight loss classes, quit smoking programs, and personal training sessions at the gym. Health Management plans must be prescribed by your treating doctor and approved before commencing.

You can access your policy information and check your remaining limits by logging into your online member portal.