Even when you’re young and active, keeping well can be challenging to your hip pocket. Whether you’re planning a holiday, new to the medical workforce or managing your day-to-day wellness, our Extras cover can help keep a lid on your pharmacy expenses. It’s another way we have tailored our cover to meet your needs as a medical professional. 

Our Extras cover pays 85% of the cost of eligible pharmacy items above our co-payment (currently $40.30 per prescription item) up to your Extras limit (view in Online Member Services). This means an eligible prescription item costing $140.30 will see you receive an $85 benefit from the fund. 

What are some examples? 

  • You’ve travelled overseas and have kept your receipt from the yellow fever and typhoid vaccines you recently purchased and had administered before you left. 
  • You are a medical student and before your first placement, you had Hepatitis B and Boostrix shots to prevent against these infectious diseases. 
  • You get hay fever in spring and were recently prescribed an antihistamine nasal spray. 

What are the eligibility requirements for my claim? 

Prescribed pharmaceuticals are eligible provided they are: 

  • above our co-payment amount of $40.30 (see above) 
  • approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration 
  • only available with a prescription 
  • not for contraceptive purposes* 

How do I claim? 

Once you have purchased your pharmacy item/s, you can submit your claim to us via the Doctors' Health Fund smartphone app, email (to info@doctorshealthfund.com.au), fax or post. A valid claim must include: 

See our Claims page for further information and Terms and Conditions. 

*If you have been prescribed a contraceptive medication for non-contraceptive purposes, please accompany a letter from your doctor confirming this with your claim.