A question that comes through to our call centre quite frequently is, “Does my health cover include ambulance services?”

The answer to that is a reassuring “Yes”, if you’re covered by any one of our hospital products listed here:*

Why you need ambulance cover
Ambulance cover is very important as costs for emergency transport or other ambulance services are not covered by Medicare. This means that in case of an emergency you could be left with significant out of pocket expenses. In 2016/17, the average ambulance claim for Doctors’ Health Fund members was $1,000.

What your Doctors' Health Fund membership covers
With any of our hospital products, you receive national cover for emergency and medically necessary ambulance services** when:

  • an ambulance is called to attend to you but you are not subsequently taken to hospital
  • it is medically necessary for you to be transported by an ambulance to be admitted to hospital
  • you need immediate medical attention at a hospital or other approved facility
  • you are an admitted patient and need to be transferred to another hospital

Some other funds restrict their ambulance coverage to only emergency transportation or a limited number of services per year.

The Doctors' Health Fund advantage
The provision of ambulance services varies based on the schemes in each state and territory. Issues can arise where someone is covered within their home state but requires ambulance transport from or in another state. This could be when visiting another state or residing near a border – south-east Queensland for example.

As Doctors’ Health Fund covers ambulance costs nationally, you can have complete confidence that you are covered in any of these circumstances.

Submitting a claim on your ambulance cover
To make a claim on your ambulance cover, simply send the invoice you’ve received to us via:

  • Doctors' Health Fund smartphone app
  • Email - info@doctorshealthfund.com.au
  • Fax - 02 9260 9958
  • Post - PO Box Q1749, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney NSW 1230

* Also includes hospital products with an excess
** Doctors' Health Fund does not pay ambulance cover where a State or Commonwealth scheme provides a benefit. For more information, visit http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/healthinsurance/whatiscovered/ambulance.htm