We have recorded the lowest average premium increase across all health funds, and the sixth consecutive year of below industry average increases. Our track record of premium increases, as shown below, has been below the industry average and our major competitors, for the past six years, since becoming part of the Avant Mutual Group. In addition, Doctors’ Health Fund has recorded the lowest average premium increase in three out of the past four years.  

Lowest rate rise graph 
See historical increases on the Government website here.

Whilst affordability is a key concern for the health insurance industry, we strongly believe that comprehensive and transparent policy coverage should never be compromised. We have always believed in providing quality products and services, and funding only for treatments with proven efficacy.

We believe that our unique Top Cover, which pays medical benefits up to the AMA list of medical services and fees, sets the benchmark for the industry and proves that quality can be delivered at sustainable prices. 

We do not believe in so-called ‘junk policies’, which are characterised by a very limited number of services covered. We are owned by doctors and understand that doctors and their practice staff bear the brunt of consumer confusion and frustration when the unexpected occurs. 

Our below industry average pricing has been achieved whilst Doctors’ Health Fund continues to outperform the biggest, open funds in terms of the percentage of medical services being provided with no-gap1

In the almost six years since the union with Avant, Doctors’ Health Fund has more than doubled its size and now insures almost 37,000 lives, which eclipses the industry’s relatively flat growth, and shows that more and more doctors are making the switch.

1AMA, AMA Private Health Insurance Report Card, Pg. 9, 01 April 2017 - https://ama.com.au/ama-private-health-insurance-report-card-2017