Earlier this year we released a new-look Online Member Services, providing our members with better access to policy information, managing payments, and claims usage. Some of the enhancements made include: 

  • Individual logins for all adults on a policy, removing the need to share passwords
  • A personalised dashboard providing quick access to remaining extras limits and other activity
  • An easy 'drag and drop' function to submit claims
Accessing Online Member Services

Access Online Member Services by clicking the ‘Member Login’ button at the top right-hand corner of this page. 

If you have already registered your details, meaning you have logged in to Online Member Services recently, simply enter your email address and password under ‘Returning Member’ to log in.

If you need to register and create login details, follow the prompts on the right-hand side of the screen, under ‘Register New User’. This is if you are a new member, or an existing member and haven’t logged in since January 2020.

Setting up another login for your policy

An exciting feature of Online Member Services is that you can have two logins per policy, meaning if you are on a Couple or Family policy, you no longer need to share password information with your partner/spouse. Once your membership number is used to register with Online Member Services, the second adult can set up their own login details, by invitation.  

Inviting a partner/spouse to create a login

To provide access for another login, the member that registered your policy to Online Member Services needs to log in and: 

1. Navigate to 'My Details', which is found in the menu on the left of the screen. (If you are using Online Member Services on a desktop, you can also hover over your name on the top right of your dashboard and select ‘Grant family access’).

2. Click the 'Invite' button next to 'Online Access' against any member eligible to set up their own login details (please note, this does not include dependants).

 online access

 3. Enter an email address and mobile number for the adult you are inviting, so they can receive an email notification from us. An email address and mobile number may pre-populate, if this information has been provided to us before. 

4. An email will be sent to the email address provided, for the recipient to set up their login details. This could take a few minutes, make sure they check their Junk Mail. 

5. Once they have set their own email address and password, they will use these details for all future logins to Online Member Services. 

Are you also an Avant member? You can now link your online accounts

If you are a member of both Doctors’ Health Fund and Avant, you can now link your online accounts to view and manage your professional indemnity, travel and health insurance details in the one place.

When you log in to Online Member Services, you will see two tabs at the top of your screen. Click the ‘Avant Mutual’ tab and follow the prompts to link your accounts. Your accounts won’t be linked until you provide authorisation to do so.

To protect your private and confidential information, we recommend you do not share your username or password details, as once your accounts are linked, as anyone with your email address and password will be able to access your personal health information and/or your medical indemnity insurance information.

You can unlink at any time via the ‘My Details’ section of your Doctors’ Health Fund account.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never used Online Member Services, how do I register? 

If you have never logged into Online Member Services, you will need to set up an account and login details. This is easily done by following the prompts under ‘Register New User’ on the right-hand side of the login screen.  

I have logged into Online Member Services before, but not since January 2020. How do I log in now? 

We released a brand new Online Member Services earlier this year, this means you will need to create a new account to access your policy online. Follow the prompts under ‘Register New User’ to set up your new login details.


I registered an account for Online Member Services after the new release, but I can’t remember my password. What do I use to log in? 

If you have logged into Online Member Services after January 2020 and cannot remember your password, click ’Forgot Password’. We will just ask for some extra details to identify you and will send you an email to reset your password.


I have tried to verify my email address, but when I click the link provided to my email inbox I am locked out of accessing Online Member Services. What does this mean?

For privacy reasons, the link we send you to verify your email address is active for 24 hours. If you click this link once it expires, it won’t allow you to complete the registration process. Simply give us a call and we can send you a new verification link to finish setting up your account.

I entered the incorrect email address to invite my spouse/partner. Can I update this to send another invite?

Yes, you can change the invite details until they complete their sign-up process through the unique link sent to their email address. After this, it will lock the invite function. 

Does the email address I use to invite my spouse/partner need to match the email address they will use to log in to Online Member Services? 

No, once the invitee clicks the unique link to sign-up, they can choose the email address they wish to set for all future log ins.

Can I change my cover when logged into Online Member Services?

You will need to call us to make the following policy changes:

  • Add persons to your policy
  • Suspend or terminate persons on your policy or your membership
  • Upgrade or downgrade your cover. 

If you continue to experience trouble accessing Online Member Services, call our expert Member Services team on 1800 226 126 or email info@doctorshealthfund.com.au